- Helps keeping students and teachers in sync by turning any interactive panel into a video message board with Conductor's new Attention! technology.

Combine Audio & Visual Announcements

The FrontRow Conductor system now features Attention! technology. Synchronize critical audio and visual communications with the push-of-a-button.

Help reinforce campus communications and overcome common classroom distractions including phones, headphones and noisy hallways. Add complementary information such as maps and photos to expedite critical instruction when it's needed most to students and staff.

Combined Audio & Visual Notification

Reinforce Your Message

Overcome Distractions

Add Complementary Information

Single Button Alert Sequence

How it works


Administrator initiates announcement or alert sequence from the Conductor Admin Station.


Audio plays across campus or zone(s), including hallways, classrooms, the outdoors, and the interactive panels switch to the programmed video message.

The Perfect Pairing

Attention! integrates natively and seamlessly with Boxlight Mimio and Clevertouch interactive displays, including Clevertouch IMPACT Max and the new MimioPro 4 Interactive Display.

FrontRow Conductor

A robust IP-based solution for school-wide communication that includes bells, paging intercom, alerting, and emergency notification and response.

MimioPro 4

Brilliant learning and collaboration brought to life with the MimioPro interactive display. The MimioPro will add power to your educational tech ecosystem.

Note: Conductor's Attention feature is compatible with most other educational interactive displays with additional hardware, talk to your FrontRow representative for more information.

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